6 Amazing facts to discuss dreams

There are certain stages in which people experience dreams. It is a kind of sensation that occurs because of the images and ideas that you think. We have come to talk about some facts related to dreams that you should know. It is still a mystery for individuals because they have no extra information on the process. The individuals experience exciting things in their dreams, and they don’t remember the moments of the sensation. The dreams are playing an important role in our lives because there are many cultures that are based on dream activities.

Some dreams are providing the experience of excitement and fear. The researchers have less information about these sensations, and they have provided some facts. By knowing about some facts, you can know a bit about dreams.

Facts to know about dreams: –

  • Why people forget their dreams?

Well, that is a common question that every person asks about dreams. Most of the people asking why do memories or dreams disappear after waking up. It happens because of the neurochemical conditions of the brain. The condition occurs because of REM sleep. It is a stage that comes because of rapid eye movements. So, that you don’t remember your 90 % of the dream.

The brain plays an important role in memory in the human body. Some dreams are providing a good experience to the mind so you can remember them without any trouble. If you are not dreaming, then you forget your dreams. So, we have discussed why people forget their dreams.

  • Blind people’s dream

There are many people that are not watching this world because they are blind from their birth time. After birth, people that are blind can imagine and see the dreams. The individuals are not getting visuals in their dreams. They can only feel the sound and smell in their dreams with emotions as well. So, that is an amazing fact that people should keep in their mind about dreams.

  • Real faces in dreams

Every person is getting dreams during their sleep. There are different kinds of dreams that occur during sleeping. When you get a dream, you only see the real people faces. Your brain doesn’t see the different faces in the sleeping. If you are more creative, then you may see some dreams in which you can feel the unrealistic characters. So, most of the dreams are showing the real characters during your sleep.

  • Colours of the dreams

Some people don’t dream about the colours they only dream in black and white. These are the condition in which you can’t have the experience of different colours. There are 12% of people that are not getting the colours in their dreams. On the other hand, people are dreaming of various colours, and they are enjoying their dreams.


We have provided some facts on dreams that can enhance your knowledge. If you want to know about the dreams, then you should check the facts and share the data with your friends also. So, every person dreams of different visuals.